Quick Start

1. Decide how you will install the Ping Assist Pro software.

2. Once installed, the Ping Service is automatically started on the computer where it is installed and waits till the Ping Monitor connects to it. Start Ping Monitor. If the Ping Monitor and the Ping Service are installed on different workstations, the Ping Monitor will offer you to specify the address of the computer where Ping Service is running.

3. Use Ping Monitor to create the list of devices that should be pinged. You can specify separate settings for each of these devices: "Packet size", "Time-To-Live", "Timeout", "Ping interval", etc. You can also specify what the Ping Service and the Ping Monitor should do if a host no longer responds (the Alarm ON event) or starts to respond again (the Alarm OFF event). In these cases, the Ping Monitor can play a sound notification and show a notification in the system tray and the Ping Service can send a notification via email or LAN and run the specified bat file.

4. After you create the list, click the "Start" button to start the ping process. The ping results will be immediately displayed in the corresponding columns of ping tool. You can edit the host list and change the ping software settings without stopping the ping process. After that you can minimize the Ping Monitor back into the tray. In case alarms occur, the Ping Monitor will notify you about it with a sound or a system tray message if the corresponding options are enabled.