Ping Assist Pro is the network ping test software to permanently monitor network devices (routers, servers, workstations, network printers, etc.).

The ping software consists of two modules:

1) The Ping Service

The Ping Service pings devices, sends alarm notifications via email and LAN, logs pings, alarms and ping statistics. The Ping Service has no user interface and can work with several Ping Monitors at once. The number of Ping Monitors simultaneously working with the Ping Service depends on the type of the purchased license.

2) The Ping Monitor

The Ping Monitor has a user interface and is used to edit the list of devices that should be pinged, control the ping process, display the ping results, etc.


The ping software use

         This implementation makes it possible to create flexible solutions for the ping test software use. The Ping Service and the Ping Monitor can be installed together on one and the same computer or separately on different computers connected to one LAN. For example, you can install the Ping Service on the server and the Ping Monitor on the workstation. It is recommended to install the Ping Service on the server if you need 24/7 monitoring because a workstation does not work like this as a rule. A server may also have several network cards connected to different networks. In this case, the Ping Service can easily ping devices located in different networks and the technical support can view ping process results and control them using the Ping Monitor on their workstations. Also note that the Ping Service is launched at the operating system startup and starts working before a user logs on. In case the server is restarted, the Ping Service will start pinging devices without any actions from the technical support.