Basic features :

  • Works as a Windows service
  • Consists of two modules: Ping Service & Ping Monitor
  • Can be managed remotely via other computers
  • Offers text and graphical views of ping results
  • Generates alarm notifications when any host cannot be pinged (alarm sounds, alarm messages in system tray, alarm email messages, SMS messages network messages)
  • Retains alarm logs, ping logs and ping statistics
  • Allows non-administrators to access or be restricted from software features.

    "I like the new Ping Assist version very much. The interface has some very impressive new features including ribbon bar and ping statistics. Several changes in this version are the direct result of our requests, and demonstrate that ZazSoft is responsive to its customers' needs."
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    The main window of the ping tool.

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    A Powerful Ping Tool to Monitor Your Network Devices

    If you are a network administrator or Internet service provider, having a reliable ping utility that allows you to constantly monitor the performance of your network devices is essential. Ping Assist Pro is one of these tools, helping to ensure a consistent level of quality control over your network. The ping software is provided on a ‘try and buy’ basis, allowing you to download a demonstration version and try it for free before purchasing it.

    This ping tool varies from other such tools in a number of ways, offering you the enhanced features that you need in order to ensure that your network is running up to scratch. Consisting of two parts; the ping service and the ping monitor, the software runs as a Windows service and it may be managed remotely via other computers on the network. Results are also offered in textual or graphical views. In addition, alarm notifications can be set up to go off any time in which a host cannot be pinged. These can come in the form of email messages, system tray notices or simple alarm sounds. This data can also be retained in logs and detailed statistics. People who are not network administrators may also be restricted or allowed access to the ping software’s features, depending on the preferences that you specify.

    Ping Assist Pro was developed following many recommendations from network administrators, so you can enjoy a number of unique features in this ping utility. Offering you highly useful and essential functions, the software is easy to download, install and configure and once set up, it will do the hard work for you, permanently watching over the performance of your network devices. The ping software takes up a negligible amount of system resources and you don’t even have to know it is running unless it notifies you by way of the specified alarm. You can also easily review the ping statistics that it collects which are arranged in tabular and graphical formats, allowing you to view statistics for specific network devices with statistics in chronological order. To analyze the performance of your network over a given period of time, this becomes extremely useful.

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    Ping Assist Pro is an easy ping tool to use, allowing you to specify a list of IP addresses for the devices that you want the software to monitor. For added convenience, you may also choose to use a scanner that that will scan through a selected range of addresses, automatically detecting any devices and adding them to the list of devices that you want to be monitored. For each device you may also assign different alarm notifications and specify a number of different options such as activating an alarm log, ping log and the ping statistics. Once configured, the software will ping the devices on your network at pre-defined intervals. Following this, the ping statistics are listed by each device including minimum response time, last response time, average response time, maximum response time, duration of any alarms and percentage of lost packets.


    Remote Ping Monitor

    The most popular solutions are the basic packages with 2 or 3 Monitors. Our clients buy these packages in order to use second and third Monitors as Remote Ping Monitors from where they can remotely manage the Ping Service module of ping tool. What is the difference between versions with 1, 2 and 3 monitors?


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    Ping utility - solutions

    Ping Assist Pro (1 Monitor)

    Ping test allows you to fix network problem.

    $60.00 BUY NOW

    Ping Assist Pro (2 Monitors)

    Ping assist is the best ping tester.

    $80.00 BUY NOW

    Ping Assist Pro (3 Monitors)

    Ping test with three Ping Monitors.

    $100.00 BUY NOW





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